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Venus Astrology

In Astrology, the zodiac position of Venus in the birth chart (or natal chart) can tell a lot about the relationship you seek with yourself and others and what makes you happy. Venus is also about values, sensuality, creativity, beauty, attraction, money, and balance. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra which reflect different aspects of it. Taurus Venus is an earthy feminine energy and is about comfort and sensuality, what one values in themselves and others, materialistic stuff like money and things. Libra Venus on the other hand is an intellectual feminine energy which is reflective of art, beauty, finding harmony and balance, relating to oneself and others, negotiation and diplomacy. Venus has both aspects of the energy tied to it which is expressed in different ways based on the zodiac sign it is located.

The zodiac position of Venus shows how you form relationships to others, how you interact, how you value yourself, the kinds of things you value, your attitude about money, your ability to negotiate with others, your self-esteem, your view on beauty, need for creativity, and your ability to attract people and things to you. Venus can also be expressed negatively as greed, envy, possessiveness, excessive attachment to material things, etc. With a strong Venus (well aspected), a person is in touch with their desire which is the first step in being able to attract the right things to your life. Certain aspects to Venus can contribute to confusion on what one truly desires and to really find out the source of this lack, it may be necessary to go into the childhood where one’s “ability to want” was thwarted in some manner. Also, if Venus is retrograde in the birth chart (planet appears to go backward from earth’s perspective), the individual can be deeply introspective and introverted with the main goal of being self empowered. Although this makes a powerful personality, it can also creates a barrier between the individual and others to the extent of not being able to form an intimate and close relationship with others. Like every other energy in the birth chart, aspects formed with other planets and personal points, house position of Venus, and the energy exuded from the rest of the planets may modify how Venus is finally expressed.

The house position of Venus is very important as it shows the area of life where the Venusian influence is the most. For example, if you have Venus in Gemini situated in the 10th house, then your love for learnng (based on Gemini) and communicate will be expressed in the 10th house of careers, etc.

When you look at Venus in a larger perspective, it is the force of attraction in the Universe that brings all living beings together in spite of differences, by way of adjusting, negotiating, balancing, and living in harmony. In Greek mythology, Venus is the daughter of Jupiter and the Goddess of beauty and love. She had a popular son name Cupid who threw arrows at unsuspecting people causing them to fall in love. So beware when Venus gets triggered in your chart through transits and progressions – one may need to learn some love lesson and the solution often comes from knowing and embracing the energy of the opposite zodiac sign. So if one has Venus in Aries, the lesson will be to look at relationships in a fair and balanced manner (Libra) with the mutual goal of respecting and loving one other and not just viewing relationship as a way of serving oneself. Venus lessons are hard but necessary to make us more evolved in how we value and relate.

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries operates instinctively in a self centered manner. There is a feeling of being special, deserving, and the ability to go after what one desires. Although this is a powerful force, it can sometimes be used without regards for consequence, in an instinctive and spontaneous manner. To feel special, one needs to preserve their independence, and this can be often expressed in various ways ranging from demanding their space in relationships to frequently changing partners. They also fear closeness and getting comfy with others because it restricts their feeling of independence and being in control. There is a tendency to seek thrill in a relationship and to go for someone who has a strong spirit and sense of adventure. Whether it is friendship or relationship, they seek high energy activities. This is so that the relationship does not get boring and would retain the sense of specialness sought out by Venus in Aries. In a compatible relationship, this individual can pamper and feed the ego of their mate and expects the same from their partner. Venus here may make it easy to be envious and competitive especially in relation to physical appearance. Venus here is very magnetic and can easily attract people with the idea of serving their purpose in some manner. With the help of transits and progressions over time the lesson here will be to give love as much as to receive it.

Venus in Taurus

Since Venus rules Taurus, it is a very comfortable position to express its earthy energy. These individuals are usually aware of their values and need for social and intimate connections. This makes it easier for them to attract what they want in life since the first step is acknowledging your need. Venus in Taurus can be materialistic and fond of luxury and beautiful things, but also are resourceful and have the wherewithal to attract them into their life. They are introverted and selective in social interactions and refrain from throwing themselves at every available encounter. There is a sense of relaxed ease (which often comes from being in touch with their desires) in social interactions which attracts people to them. However, underneath this ease, they may harbor fear of surrender and change. Venus in Taurus is about finding financial security and a love of money and material things and hence the need to watch out from becoming too greedy, overspending or/and hoarding. The negativity associated with this Venus position is that they can be too fixed in their value system which means it is hard for them to let anyone with different values enter their social circle. However we all know that a healthy value system is one that is open to learning and changing over time. Also, they may be controlling of their partner or end up being controlled by another person due to their fixed value system. This gives us a cue to their Venus lessons which during the right transits and progressions will entail learning to broaden their value system and to be open to others who are different from them. Also, they may have to learn not to excessively depend on material things. They may be put in a situation where they may have to depend on others who have a different value system and be forced to re-evaluate their own.

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini has love of words, whether it is talking, reading, or writing. If you ever find a Venus in Gemini that does do the above in some form or other, then there is a dark shadow to their Venus through aspects with Pluto, Saturn, etc, that has repressed their desires. They have excessive curiosity and desire to learn, and welcome people into their lives without much bias. Unlike a Taurus Venus, the value system of Venus in Gemini is in a constant flux. Hence, being open and flexible is a big part of their value system but with the ultimate purpose of learning from others and not really to form an intimate or intense connection. Barring other aspects, Venus in Gemini people may actively avoid intense or restricting relationships because it is in conflict with their ultimate purpose of gathering wide array of information on varied topics. This can be usually mistaken as being frivolous and flirty. Due to this energy, there is a deep restlessness and hyperactivity which can make them anxious about not having enough time to learn from life. This also can prevent them from forming engaging and deep relationship with others because to form an authentic relationship one needs to stop reacting to everything and to start listening. They seek a stimulating relationship that gives them the space to learn and grow. They will also be attracted to people who embody varied experiences from which they can learn. So their Venus lessons would be to finally stop and listen to themselves and others wherein they can really expand their knowledge and form authentic relationships through discriminate and purposeful learning (Sagittarius) instead of being involved in every encounter that presents itself.

Venus in Cancer

They love family, home, children and close relationships which provides them stability and with the ultimate goal of soothing their insecurity. They tend to be attracted to people who are emotionally strong and nurturing who can be easily substituted as parent figures. Hence, they value their close network of friends and family and are very cautious as to who enters this circle. They may get into dysfunctional relationships wherein the partners passively control each other through manipulation, co-dependence, covert abuse, addiction, etc. Their lessons are about teaching them to become less dependent on others and this may happen when they are forced to deal with their own insecurities which surfaces in relationships. It may be a very scary experience but extremely necessary to form an authentic relationship with others which is free from dysfunctional behaviors that keep them and others from growing.

Venus in Leo

Venus here is playful and creative. It loves to perform in front of others and wants applause and admiration in return. They value creative potential in themselves and others, and their ultimate purpose is to express this to the fullest extent possible. Hence they need supportive relationships that includes a lot of admiration. They are in turn very generous and supportive of others. When Venus is strong in this position, these individuals tend to have parents who openly admire and appreciate them blessing them with high self esteem and to value their own creative skills. Just like Venus in Aries, they need partners who pamper and make them feel special. This Venus does not stand to be ignored and can throw some tantrums and create a scene to get attention from their partner. However, part of the process of being creative is to be self centered and if this becomes excessive, then the person can become narcissistic focusing on themselves to the detriment of ignoring others. The love lessons here is to find outlets for one’s self expression without being excessively selfish, and proud. Transits to Venus may teach them lessons in humility which is a good one to add in the list of values.

Venus in Virgo

A Virgo Venus likes to be of service and also admire others who have a strong work ethic. They place a high value on being perfect and pure – but we all know that this is a hard act to follow as someone or other is going to do it better. If Leo Venus acts like the queen, the Virgo Venus can easily get into a slave role. It comes from feeling small which in turn is spurred by a strong sense of guilt. It’s a good idea for this Venus position to affirm everyday “I am smart, good, beautiful, doing my best.and don’t have to compare myself to anyone”. It is very important for them to understand their uniqueness to really form an equal partnership with others or they may end up being in a one sided relationship where the whole purpose is to serve others. Helping others is a good act whether it is at home or at work, but they have to learn to do it without sacrificing their core values and beliefs. With the right trigger, this Venus will learn to be compassionate and kind (Pisces Polarity) in how they view themselves and others.

Venus in Libra

Just as Venus in Aries values their independence, Venus in Libra values partnership – it is important part of their identity. It is very hard for this Venus to live without a partner and they will go out of their way to reach their primary goal of creating harmony and balance in relationships. Venus rules Libra and so here it expresses its intellectual side which is about negotiation, partnerships, equality, harmony, art and beauty, and most of all, balance. The issue in making partnership as a core value is that one can start looking to others to form one’s core values and beliefs. Although they may have the skills to get along with others, they may struggle with identifying their own needs as there is fear in giving oneself the independence and space that is needed to know what is important. So basically they can get lost in relationships which in turn can cause anger and resentment and those pretty Libran scales can get a little lopsided! So their Venus lessons will be to learn from their opposite Zodiac sign (Aries) the value of taking time to learn about their needs and demand them if necessary.

Venus in Scorpio

Scorpio Venus seeks intimacy of all kinds whether it is through marriage, joint investments, sickness, dependency, dealing with crisis, etc. They have a laser like intensity that can go deep within themselves and others to get the psychological and emotional data they seek from others. This information is necessary for them to trust and open their hearts so they can get intimate with the right people who won’t hurt them. Ideally, they like to abandon themselves and get enmeshed with the other person with the sole purpose of surrendering and letting go. Also, they use their analytical skills to heal themselves and others. Paradoxically, they also come to believe that these wounds are needed to keep others dependent on them (and vice versa). So there can be an inherent conflict between wanting to heal and sabotaging the process leading to intense jealousy and insecurity where the partners may restrict each other’s growth. Fortunately, this Venus would benefit from psychotherapy and/or any tool that makes them understand this diabolic cycle of dependence and hurt. So the lesson here is to balance between depending emotionally on your own resources and depending on others. Just as Venus in Taurus has to learn that no amount of inner resourcefulness can stop change, this Venus needs to learn that no kind of intimate relationship can stop change.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius is happy with the outdoors, having a fun lively time, trying something adventurous and exploration. They like relationship that is positive, has a sense of humor with ample rope for personal freedom. Also, they value honesty both in relationships and by seeking it through exploration and higher learning. So they also value people who work on their own growth and are not dependant on them. Just like Venus in Gemini, learning makes them happy but unlike Gemini Venus their learning is more conscious with the ultimate purpose of finding truth which in turn can help develop their own philosophy. Their love lessons are about being open, non-judgmental (like a Gemini) and understanding that there is no one absolute truth but it all depends on the perspective.

Venus in Capricorn

The Capricorn in Venus places high value on tradition, following one’s duty, and being responsible in relationships. They are usually born into a family structure where importance is placed on conforming to tradition, and where straying from this path is usually met with subtle or obvious punishment. So gradually the person learns to dissociate from their feelings and what makes them happy. Even if they are aware it may be hard for them to express their needs in close relationships and may come across to others as cold and restrained. However, behind this is a deep fear of rejection and hurt. This process may give rise to a very shy and timid personality with a distorted view of authority or someone who reflects the same authoritarian structure experienced in childhood. The lessons involve learning to get in touch with their emotions and exposing their true self in relationships. A compatible partner for Venus in Capricorn is someone who can disarm their insecurity and help to bring out their vulnerable side. Powerful transits to Venus may force them to face their fears and in the process form their unique value system free from parental influence.

Venus in Aquarius

Freedom and uniqueness in relationship is very important for Venus in Aquarius. They subtly or overtly rebel against all forms of tradition and structure that are designed to keep relationship in a status quo. They need a relationship that respects individual space and freedom and the willingness to make changes for the sake of growth. They are often attracted to people who are very different from them but share the same respect for freedom. It is very important for them to be part of a social group that has shared and common values, as they do not easily fit in with the traditional groups. Some Venus in Aquarius person can be overtly rebellious with just about anything and can appear as righteous, arrogant, superior and intellectual to others. For growth to occur, it is important for Venus to Aquarius to understand that like their polarity Leo, they sometimes may have to be okay with standing apart and not being part of a group to find their true freedom. Transits and progression to Venus will help them to follow their own drum beat even when they have no other individual or social group to support or share their values. This is the ultimate freedom that they seek.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces seeks relationship with the ultimate goal of connecting with the higher power. Venus here is in its highest form where it is able to serve itself and others in a pure manner without selfish interests. Some individuals are conscious about their goals and hence are able to choose the right relationships to achieve it. However, if this process is unconscious, they may end up with relationships that are confusing, and deceitful, leading them to the path of self destruction. It is actually safe for this Venus position to make a connection with religion, spirituality, art, music, dance, etc., as it makes it easier for them to get closer to the higher power they seek in a healthy manner. Venus here seeks the ideal mate who can be both romantic and heroic. They sometimes they wear rose colored glasses to avoid seeing the imperfections in others. This can lead to some serious misjudgments in relationships. So Venus in Pisces can learn their love lessons from their opposite sign, Virgo, by being discriminative and cautious in choosing relationships that lead them to the higher path they seek.

Where is your Venus? What makes you happy? You can go to to get a free copy of your chart. Remember its not just the zodiac position of Venus, but also the house position of Venus that matters.

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