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Neptune Chiron Conjunction in 2010 – Healing the Spirit

Neptune and Chiron have been travelling together for a while now and they made a very strong conjunction in February 2010 together with other planets, forming a stellium in  Aquarius.  Now they are coming together again to form a near conjunction from September 2010 to the end of 2010. If Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in 2010 in Pisces is about sudden breakthroughs, the Chiron-Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius is about healing  the spirit. There are many meanings for the word spirit but the one I like is “The essential nature of a person or group”.  The word spiritual is derived from the word spirit but alcohol  is also sometimes referred to as spirit,  and interestingly both are domains of Neptune or 12th Archetype.  So with Chiron Neptune Conjunction, hopefully most people will use the Spiritual to heal their hurt rather than using the easy way out through drugs and other escapist methods.

Chiron is called the wounded healer because in Greek mythology he was considered intelligent and civilized unlike other centaurs and was known for his skill with medicine and other healing techniques. But sadly he was wounded by one of his pupils and was in agony until Prometheus exchanged his mortality with Chiron’s immortality so Chiron could die, and hence rid himself of pain.  Until then, he could heal everyone but himself.  However, he regained his immortality through Zeus and was given the constellation of Sagittarius. Thus with Chiron, the need for sacrifice is essential to heal the pain.

So Neptune-Chiron conjunction is a great time to heal our wounds by being in touch with the subtle and yet powerful issues that surrounds our pain. Usually when Neptune is used as the medium of healing we are talking about prayers, visualization, creative imagination, hypnosis, yoga, tai-chi, meditation, music, creative arts, dance, body work, energy work, and other alternate forms of healing rather than intense talk therapy.  Yes, these techniques may seem subtle but they are powerful.  I remember taking a Tai Chi class very reluctantly thinking it is not going to help in my weight loss goal, but I was so amazed to observe that the days I practiced Tai Chi, I felt so nurtured in and out, that I ate very little. I felt nourished and satisfied as if my body and soul has been fed.  In a way these tools are about finding love and compassion for yourself and others – that is the way of Neptune.  The tool that works best may be different for every person and to find the right medium to heal your wound, look into yourself, follow your heart and then trust that it will work.  Since this conjunction is happening in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, when we channel ourselves in the right manner, we could get insights in a sudden manner – like a flash of lightening, making it easier to access the divine – our divinity or spirit.

The Chiron- Neptune conjunction can align us with our spiritual quest for a long time to come.  Since this involves Chiron, there needs to be some sacrifice in order to heal and any true change is definitely one – we need to let go part of us for it to happen and my guess is that it involves sacrificing at least some part of our ego.  This is a good time to see if any our actions even if noble is tinged or stained with our ego. For example, a nurse may find out that although he or she chose a helping profession to help others in medical need, part of this choice may have been made to stroke the ego, and this forms a barrier in providing real help.  This conjunction is also about finding unity with God or the spiritual, getting in touch with the deep need in all of us to merge with something larger than ourselves. For many it is the need to unite with God, but there are others for whom this process can also occur through creative mediums like art and music, and hopefully not though drugs  and self delusion.

Although, in this period we will all be provided with opportunities to form a deeper connection with the spiritual and hence our own spirit, those with planets in Aquarius, or those whose planets are found between 24 degrees to 29 degrees of a zodiac sign that makes a conjunction, square, opposition, trine or sextile to Aquarius will feel this conjunction very strongly.

1 COMMENT on “Neptune Chiron Conjunction in 2010 – Healing the Spirit

  1. Neptune chiron conjunction in Feb 2010.
    I felt Very high Spiritual experience of “BHAVA and LILA”(according to BHAKTI cult) visualisation of SHRI RADHA KRISHNA LILA, absolute EGOLESSNESS, extreme love for universe etc. etc, of verious types between January to March 2010. Plese refer my chart, birth data as under,
    date27May1942 time 01-23 IST(19-53 GMT 26may1942) place 73E00, 20N48.
    thanks prabodh

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