Same Sex Marriage Ban Overturned– Astrological Analysis

posted by AstroManda on August 6, 2010

On August 4, 2010, US District Court Chief Judge Vaugn Walker ruled against an existing ban on same-sex marriages in California and called it unconstitutional and handed gay rights supporters a crucial victory.  He ordered that the ban be removed immediately which allows gay and lesbian couples to marry while the case move to a higher court.  This decision is as historic as the Dred Scott Decision and Brown vs. Board of Education.  This 135 page ruling  has far-reaching effects.

So astrologically what is happening?  I have talked a lot about Jupiter Uranus conjunction that happens only once in 13 years, and this is usually about sudden unexpected breakthroughs. This incident is just one of many events that have happened recently that reflect the Jupiter-Uranus energy.    Uranus is right now at 0 degree Aries and Jupiter is at 3 degree Aries and both will be exactly conjunct on September 18th 2010.  However, also right opposite to this conjunction you will find Mars, Venus and Saturn transiting the sign of Libra.  Saturn is in the midst of Mars and Venus.  In Uranian or Midpoint Astrology this can be represented as Mars/Venus = Saturn = Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.  This presents a picture of breakthroughs and expansive change (Jupiter-Uranus conjunction) occurring in the area of barriers and long followed traditions (Saturn) related to sexuality or sexual preferences (Mars/Venus). 

My friend also brought to my attention another important breakthrough – this is the first time in the history of United States that 3 women will be serving in the Supreme Court at the same time.

2 Responses to “Same Sex Marriage Ban Overturned– Astrological Analysis”

  1. R Marabini Says:

    I hope gay marriages are legalized in all 50 states. That would be a breakthrough.

  2. Jodecy Says:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful ifonrmation.

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