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Solar and Lunar Eclipses in October 2014

lunar eclipe october 2014The month of October, 2014 is being heated up with two eclipses – one Lunar and one Solar. Eclipses are powerful time where certain degree of the zodiac are asked to take the VIP seats. The lunar eclipse is falling on 15 degree Aries and the solar eclipse is falling on 0 degree Scorpio.  so if you planets that are close (conjunct or opposite) these degrees, then be prepared to take a front row seat for sometime. 

The lunar eclipse is falling on October 8th at 15 degree of Libra.  The area of the chart that gets an eclipse is basically sensitized – either made strong or vulnerable. It is being called to sit on the hot seat for the next few months. With Lunar eclipse it is usually about the emotions, family, and relationships. A lunar eclipse falling on a planet may bring out emotions with regard to a particular planet. So if the lunar eclipse is falling on your Mars you may be pushed to look at conflicts with others among other things, or at any anger that you may have against the world. So don’t be surprised if you feel a bit down, emotional, sad, happy, or crazy during this period. This is not a good time to start any project but great to reflect and meditate, especially right during the time of the eclipse.

Mars is the ruler of the chart. Mars is in Sagittarius, part of the grand trine between Jupiter and Uranus and hence this eclipse holds a lot of energy to make things good or worse. . Venus and Uranus also play an important role in the eclipse chart. Venus conjunct the Sun and so there is a focus on relationships, negotiations, finding peace, getting along with others, etc. This may be a good time to make up and forgive old conflicts. However at the opposite end, Uranus is conjunct the Moon which shows unstable emotions and the need to protect your freedom. because the main need here is for independence and rebellion. You may find it hard to make decisions during this period and it is a good idea to put off any major decisions or making promises, as you may find later that you have to go back on your decision or word.  Below is the chart of the eclipse drawn for Washington DC, and you can see that both the Sun and Venus fall close to the ascendant, and the Moon and Uranus are on the descendant. This shows that US may get involved in some kind of negotiations or peace strategies. But with Uranus in the opposing side, this may not be easy to achieve and it going to take some pulling and pushing. Also, Pluto is exactly conjunct the midheaven, and Hygeia, the asteroid for health falls on the midheaven of the eclipse chart. Hygeia is also at 13 degree Cancer which is the location of the Sun in the US chart. This probably reflects the health concern on the recent outbreak of Ebola, which has a potential of spreading everywhere. As a matter off fact,, health issues loom large for anyone who has planets in the mid Cardinal – it is a good time to do you regular checkups, eat healthy and exercise.

lunar eclipse october 2014

The solar eclipse is falling on 23rd October, 2014 at 0 degree of Scorpio, so the Sun and Moon are conjunct at this degree. Solar eclipse generally is good for starting anything new. The area that is being hit by the solar eclipse holds the extra energy for 2 to 3 years after the eclipse and this is why people notice that their life changes over a period of time with respect to the planet that is being eclipsed. So if this eclipse falls on your Sun then it is a great time to start a new regimen of exercise and diet and to take care of health since Sun rules the body. The effects of the eclipse also depends on the astrological house that it is falling. So if your Sun is is eclipsed in the 5th house of your chart, then the area of children, hobbies, etc is being called out by the Universe to take on an important role in your life. Solar eclipse is a good time to start projects, especially related to the area that is being hit by the eclipse.

Given below Is the solar eclipses chart drawn for Washington DC. As you can see , since the eclipse falls in Scorpio, Pluto is the ruler of the eclipses chart for Washington DC, and it is interesting to note that Pluto and Hygiea have exchanged house positions(from the Lunar eclipse chart).

solar eclipse october 2014Pluto is on the 3rd and Hygeia is at the 9th which signifies communications  and foreign relations respectively?  Does this mean the US is going to have to keep the communication open with other countries in order to curb spreading to the home ground for the next few months? Also please note that Venus is exactly conjunct the new moon and Sun which shows that it is going to play a major role in this eclipse. Venus is mainly about relationships and finance and so both these areas could play a big factor for those who have their planets falling close to the 0 degree Scorpio. Since Solar Eclipse is a time when thing start anew, Venus’s close proximity to the sun and moon could mean the start of new relationships and also since Pluto is the ruler of the chart, it could reflect transformation of all sorts in relation to Venus.  Pluto is also part of the grand square with Uranus, Mercury and Hygeia.  On a mundane level, this again could refer to changes and measures that need to be taken due to by Ebola. Also, Moon Sun at the point of eclipse along with Venus is right at the midpoint of Jupiter and Pluto which is a combination for success if used in the right manner.  Read more on Jupiter Pluto aspects.

Do you have any planets at 15 degree Aries or Libra (or close to it) or 0 degree Taurus or Scorpio? Please share.

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