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Square Aspect

A square aspect between 2 planets is when they are separated by 90 degrees and is one of the most difficult aspects for various reasons. For example, if the Sun is posited in 10 degrees Aquarius and Neptune is posited in 10 degrees Scorpio then those two bodies are said to square each other.  They callenge each other because they are in incompatible elements (fire, air, water and air)  although they share the same mode of action (cardinal, fixed or mutable).  Cardinals signs  like to be leaders, mutable signs are flexible and changeable, and fixed signs as their name indicates tend to be determined and unchangeable.  The basic goal of a square is to offer challenge and resistance to foster growth and change.  A square aspect in a natal chart shows that some point the person may have faced adversity that fostered development in an emotional, intellectual or  spiritual manner.  

 Let’s take the example of Moon in Gemini in 10th square Saturn in 7th in Pisces. Since Moon is in  air sign and Saturn is in water  sign, they are not compatible because Air is objective while water is more emotional.  However,  they have same mode of action which in the case of Gemini and Pisces is mutable.  Although the goals are same, the way they go about achieving them, are different.  An air sign’s mutability will show up in their varying intellectual interaction and a water sign’s mutability will shows up in their wide range of emotions. So we are not just talking about competition but there is also the issue of not trusting each other since the “how to” of getting to the same goal is different. In the above mentioned example,the need for Moon in Gemini to nurture itself through learning diverse things is restricted by the need by a unfocused Saturn in Pisces.  This could be experienced by the person as emotional distancing of the mother in their early years which in turn could have stifled their need their learning.  As an adult the person may have a hard time nurturing themselves but this at the same time fosters emotional growth, awareness and sometimes a certain kind of skill or talent. So the square foster the kind of learning that only comes with facing adversity. 

Even in synastry, squares fosters growth. once both people accept and respect each other’s differences. Some people whose planets are squared may  choose to follow a more difficult route where the energies are incessantly trying  to undercut each other causing tension and failure. For example a Cancer and Aries could get along with each other if they accept their differences, give genuine compliments and see other’s point of view. This can happen if the Aries can understand that a cancer maybe  not as upfront but nonetheless still genuine and sincere in their motivation, and that a Cancer’s  intuition is as powerful as the Aries’s passion. On the other hand, it would help if Cancer can empathize with the directness of an Aries (which often gets them in muddy waters) as it is really about getting to the goal in the fastest way possible. 

The same is true of two planets squaring each other in a natal chart The two energies can be used to manifest positive things just by finding new and creative ways in which the energies can interact with one another, and this ain’t going to be easy but is worth the trouble. With square aspects, there is no shortcuts.  Let’s use  another example of  Moon in Gemini in the 10th square Uranus in Virgo the 1st in a natal chart,  The Moon  is trying to find comfort and safety through interaction in one’s career,  and is in competition with Uranus, which is needing to project oneself in an independent and original manner. In the beginning, the person was not happy in their choice of career until but they had to experiment and try out many fields until  they found a job in a field serving and interacting with diverse people,  which also offers some flexibility and independence. This person found a way to make the squares work but it was not easy.  However, squares are great for manifesting goals. 

Each square in a chart can be viewed as a karmic lesson,  a way to grow up, and manifest change in one’s life.  So cheer up! Squares aren’t negative in the long run.

How do the squares operate in your natal chart? Have you noticed more tension in interaction with people whose sun is squared with yours?

14 COMMENTS on “Square Aspect

  1. hello, thanks for the article. Well on a subject. Im currently in love with someone whose sun venus square my sun and venus . and we have a lot of squares between us. when I see him I feel like ground is going away under my feet you know, I want to run away :)))

  2. sun venus aspects generally show attraction – so it makes sense that you are attracted to him. However…watch out for his saturn (pluto, Uranus too in tropical) squaring your personal planet like Venus, Sun, Mercury, Moon, etc… because this may show conflict later on — where there is put downs, fear, etc that comes up. Some saturn aspects are actually good – they ground the relationship and may benefit long term relationships. However, too much of Saturn hard aspects (like squares or oppostions) may take the fun out of the relationship. So the key in synastry is balance

  3. hello AstroManda, thanks for the input.
    Would you like to look at the synastry, and tell me if it’s going to work. bcause Im currently have to deal with it. My family is fallin apart because of this man in my life.

  4. Hi I do a bit of astrology and wonder what the significance is when my partners sun is square mine by degree but not sign?
    Sun 1 degree pisces vs sun 21 degree scorpio

    would you look at our synastry please? its a very unconventional relationship
    Thanks 🙂

  5. thanks for this description, it really helped me. I am looking into a Sun – North Node Conjunction with my partner. His Sun is square my North Node, and these are both in our own 12th houses. Would greatly appreciate your perspective. Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you for the article. It is very interesting!
    I am new to astrology and ran my son’s natal chart on Per this site, my son has the following T-square/grand cross aspects:
    – Saturn (11th/Virgo) square Venus (8th/Cancer) & Pluto (2nd/Capricorn)
    – Venus square Jupiter (5th/Pisces borderline Aries) & Uranus (5th/Pisces borderline Aries)
    – Pluto square Jupiter/Uranus.
    – Jupiter/Uranus oppose Saturn
    – Venus oppose Pluto
    Mars conjunct MH in 10th house.
    These are very difficult aspects showing difficulties in relationships and self-worth.

    What could you say about the above other than that?
    PS: I mentioned per as most other sites don’t show the square between Saturn & Venus and Saturn and Pluto. They are definitely borderline 90 degrees

    Thank you so much for your input.

    • Vanessa – If your son has a square between Venus and Saturn he may not be confident about being loved or his looks. If neither of this is part of his attitude, then he probably does not have this square (the orb may be too wide). If he does have issues of self worth, then this square is active for him. Pluto square Jupiter may push one towards success (not necessarily to do with money). With a square he may have to jump a few loops before he gets there but generally the person is ambitious and has big plans. How these plans fare depends on other supporting aspects in the chart. For Venus opposite Pluto, ps checkout article on the Venus Pluto aspect . Jupiter Uranus conjunct can be a lucky aspect depending on where its found in the chart and in opposition to Saturn – it may be a good thing- because the Jupiter Uranus tends to fly off the handle into new projects, etc and Saturn keeps this in check.

  7. I will read the article on Venus/Pluto aspects. His conj Uranus/Jupiter is in the 5th house. very close to the 4th house. Thank you very much for your input.

  8. I’m feeling an intense frustration with my Mercury (10th House Cap) square Asc (Aries). I was glad to find an article talking about the lessons inherent to a ‘bad’ aspect.

    Illumination on Merc Square Asc…. I’m dying for it. I blame it for an extremely isolated social life.

    • Jame, you like to project yourself to the world (Ascendant) in a spontaneous direct manner (Aries) but however you sense a restriction internally or through your environment to express yourself (merc in cap). Mercury in capricorn basically says that one needs to communicate only when it is necessary and it has to be done in a very structured manner. This of course is very frustrating for your Aries Ascendant. Each square is like a lesson and you get better at handling it as you become aware (like taking one step at a time towards your goal).

  9. Thank you v. much for the insight, that is all how it feels exactly. I hope the awareness of it is working its magic. I like having the behavior of an Aries, and I like having a relentless and deliberate Capricorn way of thinking. I have not found where those two things overlap yet.

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